"The endresult should reflect personal input."

The development of your custom build van starts by the assessment of your personal needs. We will configure an optimal layout together and add the technical comfort that would be best suited.

We offer in-depth knowledge and guidance to make the right decisions. In our program we have a wide range of options for the finishing of aluminium, fabrics and materials in general.



Your energy management is one of the most important features in the van. We are currently going through a transition from fossil fuel based systems to more sustainable energy sources. However the world is not equipped equally when it comes to energy infrastructure.

Whether you are going to travel to a far off country or will stay closer to home makes a big difference in what system to choose. However all our systems are based on an electric future.


"We believe in an electric future."


"A sense of quality matters when it comes to small spaces."

When we are trying to create a vehicle that has to fulfil a lot of functions in a small space it is important to take every detail into account. One of the biggest challenges is to integrate all necessities without losing a pleasend spacious experience.

The quality of the interior should be of the highest standard and therefor we only work with the best available materials on the market.


What does the process look like?


  • The whole process starts with obtaining a suitable vehicle. This could take several months when ordering directly from Mercedes. note that the 4x4 edition has become increasingly difficult to obtain and could take 1-1,5 years. At the moment we do accept occasions (2019+) if in excellent condition.


  • After deciding on the final design we demand an partial upfront payment before the van is going into production. The building process could take 2-6 months depending on the complexity of the build and availability of materials


What do we offer?



  • Complete alluminium interior


  • Exterior upgrades: Roofrack, tire carrier, ladder, cargo ladder


  • Body work:¬†paint or wrap (optional)


Note: We are not able to modify any mechanical elements due to warranty loss.


If you are interested in a custom build program please contact us

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